About InLights Skincare

supported by Science, inspired by Nature,

Australian made for Australian Environmental Conditions.

Cruelty Free and Ethically sourced. 

Vegan Options (all vegetarian)

Paraben & Sulphate Free

I developed the InLights Skincare range with a few objectives

 Firstly, the name of the brand has driven every single product development. My initial response to my entire brand has always been to put my clients front and centre and have them shine on their own life's stage. When I see brands that use their own names, I know, that brand was not made with me in mind, but the founder, and that's not what I wanted for InLights.

Be affordable – most well know professional skin & hair care brands that I have worked with in the past, spend more money on marketing than they often do on research. Good beauty products don’t have to cost a fortune but they aren't cheap either. So, I thought I could make great affordable skincare, without the marketing hype.

Be naturally based, ethical sourced cruelty free and aim for 100% recyclable packaging, but above all, the range must give results – as nice as natural/organic products are, they often do little to combat skin conditions. Science is needed to produce results.

Australian products for Australian skins – using wonderful European products in Australia does not always work with our environment. That’s why I use Australian Botanical and Active ingredients whenever possible, to create a line that will work for you at home.


Hi I'm Jacqui and I am the owner and creator of The Spa Hub. I've been a beauty therapist for over 30 years and nothing gives me more pleasure than sending a client out the door feeling beautiful and confident in their own skin. 

My hope is that I can empower you to love the skin your in and let your inner light glow and sparkle.​ 

My website aims to bring you science backed professional and holistic  information so you can make skin decisions based on what's right for you as an individual.

I hope that together we can look beyond the marketing hype to create a new beauty culture, dispelling myths and unearthing truths to provide real skin solutions.