FAQ - Answered by your Skin Coach

Have a question? Want to learn more about our store? We’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular questions, accompanied by our thorough answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, contact us.


You Asked, We Answered

The Spa Hub is the home of InLights skincare and it is our pleasure to answer all your questions about skincare products, skin concerns, skin related health issues or skin treatments. Just use the contact form at the bottom of this page and your Skin Coach Jacqui will be in contact soon.

Do you  Ship 

Unfortunately, we don't. But for a really good reason. InLights skincare is made for skin concerns effected by the Australian environment. We find that skins react differently in different parts of the world and Australia has some of the harshest environments. So, if you are visiting Australia we would love to take care of your skin needs, as beautiful as they are, European products often can't combat our conditions. 

I need some shipping information?

We ship using Australia Post and when you spend over $90 your postage is FREE. Of course if you live nearby you can collect from The Spa Hub or we can do local hand deliveries from the city to north Brisbane (reach out for more info).

Mailing during the pandemic has been difficult at times, but we always have a tracking number for your parcel (So, just reach out and let us know you haven't received it yet). If your state is in lockdown we will be sending your parcels to you via Express Mail but this is no guarantee that it will fast track the delivery. Regional areas are also sent Express Post. (we just like to make you smile a little faster). 

Are you Vegan and cruelty free?

The InLights range is 98% Vegan. At the present time only two products contain beeswax or organic honey and all are visibly labelled. All ingredients such as Hyaluronic acid is also vegan compliant., so you never have to worry.

The Spa Hub spends many hours testing it's products on humans. It is pointless testing these products on anything else. However, for full transparency much of the botanical and scientific knowledge that we draw from today, probably has had laboratory studies that we are not 100% aware of their origins.

Are you Australian made?

Bloody Oath. Not only are we Australian owned and made but as a small business all revenue and taxes are spent here in Australia. The Spa Hub is a North Brisbane based company based in Eatons Hill. Many of our ingredients such as Kakadu Plum, Desert Lime, Lillypilly, Quandong, Australian Sandalwood and Lemon Myrtle are all sourced from bespoke small business Australian suppliers.

At The Spa Hub we are producing small, fresh batches regularly. So, sometimes you will see a slight difference between them. As picking a botanical at different times of the year can result in a slightly different scent or colour, due to drought or flood conditions.


Are you 100% Natural?

We blend the best natural or organic ingredients with skin results actives to give you a skincare range that works for your specific skin concern. Some products can be made using 100% natural ingredients and give you perfect results, such as our top seller Foaming Gel Cleanser. But other Anti ageing products might need a little push from science to turn back time. So, we blend the best botanicals and proven skin science to give you results. If it doesn't work we won't supply it.

Something else to remember is that, with skincare products from The Spa Hub they do not contain filling/bulking agents. So sometimes you will need to shake a product before use (eg.Essential Facial Scrub). Because if it's not necessary we don't add it.

If I have a skin question and I don't know what to order, where do I go?

Yeah! You have found your very own Skin Coach to guide you through the sometimes challenging world of skin health, It is an area that can be filled with myths and celebrities telling you what is best for you, without any knowledge of skin science. But this is what I've been doing for most of my life. So, use the contact form below and simply reach out (no question is stupid).  Sometimes, I might not have a product for you, or an instant answer to your specific question and I need to ask you something else for clarity (don't worry I won't call and yes it will be me and not a chat box). But I'm sure I can guide you in the right direction and not down the celebrity endorsed garden path.

How do I use
Reef Blue Hyaluronic Acid Booster Serum?

This product is different to all others, even our regular skincare queens need a lesson on this one. So I have written a whole document on when, where, how and why (see blog)


Here are just a few of the highlights:

  • on a damp skin or it could dehydrate instead of hydrate

  • can be used both day and night (or just when your skin is thirsty)

  • can use your second serum over it

  • apply moisturiser over both serums

  • can mist/spritz repeatedly during the day to re-energise 

  • works well as a makeup primer

How do I know that I've finished my Airless Moisturiser container?

For some products, with high amount of actives, we use airless containers to keep the preservative amounts very low. They are the best at stopping contaminates getting into your product and stopping anything nasty growing in your jar. So when you push down on the airless moisturiser pump and nothing more comes out, you have probably come to the end. But there is always a little more in the jar. So it's time to unscrew the lid. You should have enough for a few more days, even a week. So plenty of time to place your next order of your favourite skin product.

You can now wash out and remove the label from your container and either pop it into your recycle bin or return to The Spa Hub were we will clean and recycle your used containers for you. 

My Airless  
container doesn't pump?

For some products, usually our cosmeceutical range, we use airless containers to keep the preservative amounts very low, increase shelf life, and keep the actives working in peak condition. But the downside is sometimes the pumps can play up, particularly when they are being transported. Before we send an airless product to you we have already primed it, so we know it's ready to go. But still with movement inside the jar things can get off balance.

First thing is DO NOT OPEN IT!

Simply tap the jar around the outside on to a hard surface like a vanity or kitchen bench. If no success email jacqui@thespahub.com.au and I will be contacting you asap.

No need to worry you have a 100% guarantee of a replacement with any faulty item (just don't open it). No proof needed. We believe you!