Feeling down about your Sensitive Skin?

Updated: Apr 20, 2020

Many clients come to my salon telling me to be careful with their skin as they are very sensitive. After watching closely how skin reacts to various products & treatments, I often explain to these clients that they don’t have sensitive skin, but their skin has become sensitised.

And there’s a big difference between the two. Just like skin types; dry, oily, or combination skin, sensitive skin is something you’re often born with. It doesn’t just happen.

Usually, sensitive skin people have fair complexions that flush easily and have capillaries close to the skins surface. They may even get red or blotchy for no apparent reason.

That’s why skincare and make-up choices must be treated very carefully. Truly sensitive skin is experienced by a small number of the population and at the present time there is no cure for rosacea, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis.

Sensitised skin, on the other hand, has been experienced by almost all of the population at some point in time. Conditions such as pollution, low/high humidity, drying chlorine in water, medications, and even aging, can cause a sudden reaction in your skin. For example, 36% of skins in China are consider

ed sensitised due to high concentrations of air pollution. Cosmetic ingredients including alcohol, lanolin, fragrance, colourants, over exfoliation and harsh ingredients like benzoyl peroxide used in many acne treatments can also lead to skin becoming sensitised.

Avoiding the irritant, keeping the skin adequately hydrated, protected from the elements and using proper skincare for the season, can correct the environmentally and externally caused stress and restore skins ability to protect itself against sensitivity.

Other skin stresses that are not due to environment such as; puberty, menopause, work/school stress, relationship difficulties and ill health, often require are more holistic global approach to skin care.

For truly sensitive skin, the cause is often unknown. Each day is a trial and error strategy to keep skin happy and non-reactive. Suffering through reactive skin issues myself, I have seen my skin go from perfect to disaster, in a matter of hours.

Fortunately, INLIGHTS skincare products are designed to meet the challenges of both sensitive and sensitised skin. If your skin is giving you attitude, calm it down with the right products to restore balance. Firstly, use products that restore health and allows your skin to make corrections quickly.

 I love the NEW INLIGHTS Anti-Oxidant Toner. Designed to calm & soothe and of course contains no alcohol. Comes in a spritz or push cap, and is even better if kept in the fridge for those days when your skin is irritated.  Many of the INLIGHTS skincare range contain aloe vera, coconut oils and other nurturing ingredients like shea butter, almond oil, vitamin E and rosehip oil. These ingredients will speed the recovery time in a sensitive skin flare-up.

So all is not lost, we can often reverse sensitised skin by simply using healthy products that leave out all the irritants. For those few that suffer with truly sensitive skin, using healthy skin products will maintain the skins lipid barrier and aid in skin healing. It will always be a struggle.

Beautiful skin requires commitment – not a miracle. 

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