Invigorate your hair to help energise, and soothe a red, itchy,irritated scalp. Designed to detox and neutralise all hair types. Minted Shampoo delivers a refreshing and cooling effect leaving the scalp and hair with extra moisture and hydration. Bring your hair to life while making it feeling soft and fresh, ready to style.


Perfect for Normal to Oily Hair. Safe for daily use. Designed to Detox and Neutralise all hair types. Promotes Healthy Hair Growth. All InLight's Shampoo and Conditioners feature Colour Safe formulations.


Active Ingredients - Argan OIl, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Hydrolyzed

Keratin and Panthenol.



• Balance your scalps PH level with peppermint oil

• Soothes and hydrates scalp with a cooling effect

• Increases blood flow to the scalp

• Promotes healthy hair growth

• Helps add shine


How to Use -

Place a small amount in your hands, gently rub together to form a luscious foam. Apply to your hair starting at the roots and scalp. Massaging and working your way through to the ends. 

Rinse and repeat. Follow with Minted or Thirsty Conditioner. Enjoy

Minted Shampoo 1 Litre