What is a Cosmeceutical/Why Should I Start Using One?

A cosmeceutical product consists of a combination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

A cosmetic product improves the superficial appearance of the skin, without proven active ingredients, they are designed for basic surface related skin care. Some products such as surface exfoliants or cleansers are targeted on the superficial layer of the skin and are therefore able to be used from this category for some skin types, not all. Most grocery store products are from this classification of product.

A pharmaceutical product contains a higher ingredient potency and requires a medical trained professional to prescribe them. They have to be backed by scientific studies and must demonstrate a beneficial effect on a function or structure of the skin. They do have a higher rate of reactions due to their strength.

A cosmeceutical product is a hybrid between both the cosmetic and the pharmaceutical and is generally prescribed by a skin care professional. The ingredients in cosmeceutical products are more active than your everyday grocery store products, but not as strong as a doctor prescribed pharmaceutical. This means that your skin can improve radically without the risk of major side effects that are often linked to pharmaceuticals. There are many powerful ingredients that can be found in cosmeceutical products, including hyaluronic or lactic acids, peptides, antioxidants, retinoids or other concentrated vitamins which aid in future proofing the skin from damage. Other scientific measures such as deeper skin delivery systems and now ingredient encapsulation are also being used to enhance the cosmeceutical hybrid.

The Lantern brand by The Spa Hub combines these scientifically proven ingredients and measures, with the addition of new and often native Australian ingredients to outperform many high end brands. This boutique eco-cosmeceutical range improves the superficial and underlying layers of the skin using a powerful combination of active ingredients to achieve real results. Lantern is truly a unique skincare range, as it combines cosmeceutical with eco-friendly, maintaining standards of being cruelty free, ethically sourced, naturally derived ingredients and using recyclable limited packaging.

A pleasant and rare find in the world of cosmeceutical.

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