Why Aussies need Exo-P in their skincare

Ingredient Spotlight: Anti-Pollutant Exo-P®


One of the latest emerging trends in the cosmetic industry is the use of anti-pollutants in skin care products. Recent skin studies are showing that skin damage is caused by two major factors; the sun and pollution. Dermatologists like Dr Sandy Skotnicki have spent the last 20 years talking about how harmful ultraviolet exposure can be for the skin. She speculates that airborne pollutants are what dermatologists will spend the next 20 years talking about. Simple urban dust contains a cocktail of 224 toxic chemicals. However this isn’t just an urban issue.

The 2019 Christmas Bushfires caused extensive skin irritation issues and highlighted the need for Aussie skins to be protected from pollution damage. Air pollution, once believed to be an urban problem, quickly became an issue for large areas of the country. Seen from space, thick clouds of smoke billowed from the fire sites and blanketed Australian towns. Our smoke even stretched as far as South America thousands of kilometres away. Skin pores filled with black soot. These toxic nanoparticles are second only to the sun when it comes to long-term skin damage and premature aging. Skin blemishes and acne flare ups, along with sensitive skin issues such as atopic dermatitis and psoriasis all were compounded by the dry, hot Australian summer.

As we head toward another hot summer, it’s important to understand that just like sunscreen, prevention is the cure. Many companies have introduced anti-pollutant masks as part of their ranges and InLights have done similarly with their Detox Mask with charcoal. These mask types draw out the impurities after the fact, but what about the before.

A very cool ingredient Exo-P found in InLights AM Daily Serum, harnesses the power of marine bacteria. This exciting ingredient originates from a microorganism called Kopara, native to the French Oceania region of the South Pacific. After extracting the protective compounds produced by the Kopara, Exo-P is further purified and engineered to act as a shield to offer multi-protection from our environment to prevent and reduce pollution-induced damage.

This ingredient has been found to:

  • Reduce the adhesion of particulate matter to the skin by 45% and better remove it by 27% from the skins surface during cleansing

When performing a consumer test, Exo-P used for just seven days:

  • 82% found an improvement in skin dullness and resistance to external aggressors

  • 80% found it had a moisturising effect

  • 77% found it gave good pollution protection and overall healthy-looking skin.

  • 70% found it prevented skin irritation

What other recent studies have shown, is that pollution damage can escalate sun damage and that is very bad news for every Aussie. So just as Australians have learnt to Slip, Slop, Slap, we now must look at other forms of protection this summer season and be prepared.

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